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Trauma Therapy Running Group

The Trauma Therapy Running group is designed to start with pre-exhaustion in order to allow the nervous system to be at its most relaxed prior to diving into group therapy in an open environment.

Once at the end of the run/top of Mt Douglas, we signify the end of our run by shaking off the remaining energy along to a high energy song, just prior to lunch being served.  

Trauma Therapy session are run the same in a Group setting as they would be in Private One-on-One setting. 

I ask that all clients respect social distancing protocol during the increased risk and stay aware of their surroundings while outdoors.

Trauma Therapy Running Group is 3 hours in length due to the run itself, lunch (provided with pre-selected options), and group Yin Trauma Therapy session (60 min in length). 

Current scheduled timing is Mondays 1100hrs-1400hrs at Mt. Douglas. 

All Yoga equipment is supplied to client(s) for session duration. And sanitized thoroughly between sessions/client use.

Lunch (menu provided on monthly basis through email to clients), Water, and Hand sanitizer provided as well.

Masks are available upon request. 

Group Therapy and Run Session:

Drop in attendance: $60.00+ tax

8 Week Program Pass: $400.00+ tax

Please contact me for further information in regards to running group information/sign up, schedule changes, dietary restrictions, and any other pertaining questions.

Individual Trauma Yoga Therapy for Adults and Children/Youth over Age 10




Anxiety and Panic Disorder

Personality Disorders

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Early childhood Experiences/Abuse

Physical/Sexual Abuse

Self Worth and self Esteem

Anger, Grief and Loss

Eating Disorders

One-on-One Trauma Yoga Therapy is a new approach to help focus where our bodies hold on to nervous system triggers from past traumas.  The Human Brain does not perceive time, therefore our bodies hold on to the memory of the trauma as if it were happening at this very moment.  

My approach to therapy includes a mixture of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Somatic Experiencing Therapy as well as Dialectical Behaviour Therapy along side a guided Yin Yoga sequence lesson.  

With the help of Somatic Experiencing the Client will be able to identify where within their system the trigger is developing and what emotion specifically is causing it to arise. 

We work together to come to a resolution on skills for future problem solving. This will allow the client to regulate the trigger faster, and return to pre-stimulated tasks sooner than prior to treatment.   

Sessions are closed with guided Meditation and/or Yoga Nedra to ensure maximal relaxation of nervous system prior to departure.

All Yoga equipment is supplied to client(s) for session duration. And sanitized thoroughly between sessions/client use. 

Private Sessions:

60 minutes $110.00+ tax

90 minutes $165.00+ tax

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