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© 2015 Clone Army Fitness, rebranded Fierce Within

At Fierce Within we believe change happens from the inside out.  Change our behaviour, and change our life!

We specialize in maintainable physical transformations that reflect your emotional transformations along your journey. 

Join our family Today and welcome the New You!

Fierce Within


The Transformation You Deserve

Our mission is to assist our client’s in the pursuit of health and fitness. Our uniquely designed programs are catered towards each individual, with our commitment to the highest standards of personal service.


What we aim for our Team is to take out all of the guesswork. You will have all the information in front of you so that you can begin your transformation immediately, do it the right way, and progress faster.

Customized Training and Nutrition Package 
Lean Muscle Development Package

A 3 Phase, 12 week weight lifting plan designed to increase size, while cutting body fat.  Designed to decrease body fat while maintaining and building muscle.  Guaranteed to create muscular definition and an overall aesthetic look. This plan includes more days of heavy weight lifting vs cardiovascular activity. 


A customized Nutrition Plan is highly recommended in addition in order to maximize your results as well as to take advantage of the muscular increase with this plan. 

Women's Body Sculpting Package

A 3 Phase, 12 week Resistance training and Nutrition Plan designed to sculpt and tone while decreasing body fat.  Created for women who desire a beach ready and fit physique.  A weight lifting regimen that rivals cardiovascular activity on a weekly basis will be implemented.

A customized Nutrition Plan is highly recommended in addition in order to maximize your results!

Contest Preparation Package

This plan is designed to prepare an athlete in 16 weeks for competition. Progress pictures every 7-14 days for the first 4-6 weeks to alter/upgrade Nutrition and workout plans, more frequent closer to competition date. Weekly Skype or 1-on-1 sessions to address any issues and deliver a solid support system. Customized Nutrition plans included. This Package is for athletes at an intermediate skill level.

 Skype posing sessions available (at extra cost) during weekly check ins if requested.  Highly recommended to find a posing coach in local area to master posing. Peak week unlimited contact via text/email/skype/WhatsApp, as well as during competition. Coach present at all Provincial Competition (Ontario, Canada).  

Reverse dieting/post competition nutrition plan highly encouraged and available at an additional cost.

Extreme Weight loss Package

A 3 Phase 12 week training Plan designed for quick and sustainable Extreme Weight Loss results.  Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels available according to your comfort level, availability and goals.  

Includes three 4 week Resistance Training and Cardiovascular training regiments to help you achieve your goals faster and healthier.

A Customized Nutrition Plan is highly recommended in addition in order to maximize your results!

Glute Building Package
Home Peak Performance Package


A picture Tribute to our clients spectacular Transformations!

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Nutrition Package

        Reverse dieting/Post competition nutrition plan: Highly recommended post competition to aid in returning clients’ metabolism to proper working function.  Guided daily carb and fat increases to return clients’ macronutrients to pre competition volume.  Plan includes daily updates to ensure clients’ body is responding correctly.  Supplement list will be provided.

Nutrition and Supplements Plan: provides a path to gain mass, maintain current weight (while transforming body composition) or loose body fat according to goals.  Daily meals broke down with a variety of substitution options wile meeting all macronutrient and caloric requirements.  Supplements will depend on the clients’ goals and vitamin needs.