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I am a certified Trauma Movement Therapist through the Yoga Alliance and BCRPA, as well as Clinical Practical Nutritionist certified through Alive Academy CANNP and currently studying for my Masters of Psychology.

My field of study revolves around the complexity of human trauma and the result of PTSD on the brain and its aftermath of triggers.  Primarily with Veterans and victims of abuse and assault.  I want to help empower those who have been stripped of their power, to once again step back into their own!

I am also a Canadian Forces Air Force Veteran and a mother of 3.  My work in the Canadian Forces have given me insight into the effects and consequences of trauma, attachment and challenges life can throw our way.  Humans are truly amazing and have every potential for resiliency and healing if in the right environment and given the right tools.


As a Trauma Movement Therapist, my focus is a combination of DBT and meditation/Pranayama breathing skills while working through a structured Yin Yoga sequence class, to help discover where the clients nervous system is holding onto trauma triggers. This is done with help of Somatic Experiencing, guided Mediation, Art  Therapy and Trauma Sensitive Yoga Therapy, all while in a safe and controlled environment.

I also incorporate Art Therapy into my sessions with my clients as this helps access a much more vulnerable portion of trauma memory storage and allows the client to process healing in real time.  

During a recommended 8 week period a client can expect to see exponential progress when attending weekly private sessions, as well as the recommended weekly Trauma Therapy Group Workshop.



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