Private Practice via Zoom

Private practice will continue in form of Zoom until further notice until Government conditions are lifted.

I will be taking on new clients during this time with a free 30 minute consultation session being offered via Zoom or Telephone.  Please contact me via email.

Individual Trauma Therapy for Adults

One-on-One Trauma Movement Therapy is a new approach to help focus where our bodies hold on to nervous system triggers from past traumas.  The Human Brain does not perceive time, therefore our bodies hold on to the memory of the trauma as if it were happening at this very moment.  

My approach to therapy include a mixture of Somatic Experiencing Therapy, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, as well as guided Visualization Meditation, Trauma Sensitive Yoga  and Art Therapy.

With the help of Somatic Experiencing the Client will be able to identify where within their system the trigger is developing and what emotion specifically is causing it to arise. 


We work together to come to a resolution on skills for future problem solving. This will allow the client to regulate the trigger faster, and return to pre-stimulated tasks sooner than prior to treatment.   

Sessions are closed with guided Meditation and/or the use of sound bowls/Tingsha Bells to ensure maximal relaxation of nervous system prior to departure.

All Yoga and Art equipment are supplied to client(s) for session duration. And sanitized thoroughly between sessions/client use. 

Hand sanitizer provided.

Masks are available upon request. 

Private Sessions:

Pls contact via email for session length and pricing

Please contact me today for your free 30 minute phone consultation


Trauma Therapy Group Workshop

The Trauma Therapy Group Workshop is designed to start with a pre-exhaustion hike up Mt Douglas, Victoria/BC in order to allow the nervous system to be at its most relaxed prior to diving into group therapy in an open and safe environment.  During this time clients are also asked to reflect upon a question given to them, in order to draw their Trauma forward, in a safe space, so we may discuss in a group setting after.  

Once at the end of the hike/top of Mt Douglas, we signify the end of our hike by enjoying a well balanced lunch provided by Fierce Within Therapy Society.  

Trauma Therapy session are run the same in a Group setting as they would be in Private One-on-One setting.  

Be prepared to submerge yourself in a preselected 8 Week guided Yin Somatic Art Therapy Trauma Program that I personally created to help bring you out of your story and back into your body.

You are not your Trauma.


Art and Yoga flow beautifully together, and over an 8 week period you will release your Trauma story and reintegrate yourself back into society.  

Watch your story unfold  

I ask that all clients respect social distancing protocol during the increased risk and stay aware of their surroundings while outdoors.

Masks are not required to be worn while on the yoga mat, however it is each clients individual preferences since we are appropriately socially distanced during this portion of group and no physical adjustments will be made.

Trauma Therapy Workshop Group is 3 hours in length due to the hike itself, lunch (provided with pre-selected options), and group Yin Trauma/Art Therapy session (60 min in length).  

Current scheduled timing is Mondays 1100hrs-1400hrs at Mt. Douglas. 

All Yoga and Art equipment are supplied to client(s) for session duration. And sanitized thoroughly between sessions/client use.

Lunch (menu provided on monthly basis through email to clients). 


Water, and Hand sanitizer provided as well.  Reusable waterbottle highly encouraged as refillable water station is available.

Masks are available upon request. 

Trauma Group Workshop and Hike Session Payment options: 

Drop in attendance

8 Week Program Pass

Please contact me for further information in regards to hiking group information/sign up, Drop in/Program Pass Pricing, schedule changes, dietary restrictions, and any other pertaining questions.

Namaste my Lovelies


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